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2011 Fistball WCH - Austria wins at opening!

Things went to plan for the Austrian fistball team as the WCH got underway! Trainer Winfried Kronsteiner's team celebrated a 3:0 victory against the USA and the other favourites also won in unsettled weather conditions.

Temperatures soared as the 2011 Fistball WCH started in Vienna. And the level of fistball was also high as the teams started out in the morning.

Namibia vs. Serbia 3:0 (11:4, 11:6, 11:7)
Namibia had no real difficulties in their opening game with Serbia, clinching victory in three straight sets. (11:5, 11: 6, 11:5)

Argentina vs. USA 3:0 (11:9, 11:7, 11:4)
The USA fought hard to defend but Argentinian attacker Martin Vazquez finally gave his team the edge in the sweltering heat with a mixture of formidable smashes and impressive finesse.

Brazil vs. Serbia 3:0 (11.5, 11:6, 11:5)
Serbia lost the first set 5:11 to the favoured Brazilians. After trailing at the beginning of the second set Brazil then began to score as well and went on to win it 11:6. Brazil became more compact in the third set after some changes on the court, leaving the Serbs with hardly any chances, and the deciding set ended 11:5 for Brazil.

Austria wins opening match: Austria vs. USA (11:8, 11:4, 11:2)
Following the official opening ceremony the wind also decided to appear, changing the mood of the spectators from "nice and interested" to "patriotic and enthusiastic". This was the first match for titleholder Austria. Excitement mounted understandably at the well attended Johann-Hofmann-Platz sports ground but the opponents soon made it quite clear that they were not going to take things lying down. The USA did everything within their power to defend at the beginning but the reigning champions then settled into the game and took the hard fought first set 11:8. With the Austrians having now reached operating temperature, the second set was a clearer affair with them winning 11:4. In the third set the host nation picked up where they left off in the second set and went on to clinch victory 11:2.

Trainer Winfried Kronsteiner: "We were put off somewhat to begin with because of the wind and the three young players we started out with being rather nervous, but we were finally able to make things clear in the match thanks to the coolness and the experience of the older players," says Winfried Kronsteiner after the preliminary game against the USA.

Josef Andolfatto, IFA Technical Delegate, was highly impressed by the organisation at the venue in Vienna: "The LOC in Vienna has produced a venue and infrastructure that is worthy of a World Championship. We have already seen for ourselves that this will be one of the best organised World Championships."

Michael Feichtenschlager - Team Austria