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"A record-breaking WCH"

The Organising Committee (OC) of the 2011 Fistball World Championship has set itself the target of staging a WCH of superlatives and records from 7-14 August 2011. 

The plan is to have 16 nations participating for the first time in the history of the tournament. A fixed number of places for each continent (Europe = 9 teams, America = 4, Asia = 2 and Africa = 1 team) will mean that the participating nations should be known by summer 2010. With five venues handling 64 matches in total, the OC team will also be making a lasting impression in parts of Austria where fistball is in urgent need of promotional activities. Vienna and Salzburg, the two host cities for the preliminary round, are planning to draw the crowds on Sunday with attractive opening events. Placings will be decided in four groups of four (i.e. two groups in each location) on Sunday and Monday. The two venues for the intermediate round, Kremsmünster and Linz (the Austrian Fistball Association's High Performance Centre - also known as ABC) will set the scene perfectly for the final. Following a rest day on Thursday, all 16 teams will meet at the Waldstadion Pasching, where the finals will take place. The 8 cross and 8 placement matches will be played on an A and a B court on both days. The top matches (semi-finals and finals) will be held on the Friday and Saturday, respectively, in the evening under floodlights. With a record budget of over €660,000, the event is set to be a milestone in international fistball.


Official WCH Office
2011 Fistball World Championship
ÖFBB Leistungszentrum
Hölderlinstr. 26
A-4040 Linz
E-mail: office@faustball2011.com
General Secretary: Martin Weiss
Tel.: +43 650 2511523
E-mail: martin.weiss@faustball2011.com