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Austria lose to Germany!

Austria were beaten by Germany in their last intermediate round match which once again took place at a fantastic venue with a great crowd in Kremsmünster. The hosts nevertheless remain top of the table and will now face Italy in the quarter finals. A few tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday!

A fistball party with no end in sight in Kremsmünster! The day got off to a great start once again with the crowds in good voice. And the day's schedule meant that everything was set for the party to reach its climax with the match of the day - Austria versus Germany. But let us begin with the day's first pairing.

USA beat Japan 3:0 (11:7, 11:8, 11:9)
It was plain to see that the USA were focused as they made their way to a 3:0 victory which was never really in doubt. Japan's courage and fighting spirit soon won over the first fans on their side to cheer them on.

Serbia lose to Italy 0:3 (6:11, 2:11, 6:11)
Serbia were only able to put up a strong defence in the first set. The second set was dominated by the Italians. The Italian attack was also far more effective in the third set despite Armin Runer being rested in this match.

No chance for the Czech Republic against Namibia - 0:3 (5:11, 3:11, 5:11)
The Czechs raced to a 5:1 lead in the first set but were then unable to score any more points and the Africans went on to dominate the game. Namibia ensured they stayed in a head-to-head race with Italy for top position in Group F with the Czech Republic left trailing with only two points from their matches.

Crowds' favourite loses narrowly: Serbia - Japan 3:2 (11:6, 9:11, 14:15, 11:2, 11:8)
Japan had the spectators behind them: all you could hear in Kremsmünster was "Nip-pon, Nip-pon" and the six players from the Land of the Rising Sun rose to the challenge. Attackers Nakao Ryota and Motoaki Ochi in particular repeatedly came up with a variety of tricks to earn them the applause and cheers of the crowd. The Asians even went into a 2:1 lead in sets at one point but were unable to maintain their intensive game and finally had to succumb in five sets.

Italy lose and now face Austria: Italy - Namibia 1:3 (11:6, 10:12, 8:11, 6:11)
Italy took the initiative from the start but Namibia were able to step up a gear and take the first set. The match turned into a no-holds-barred battle in which the Africans finally maintained the upper hand. This 3:1 victory meant that Namibia finished top of Group F with both teams earning a place in the quarter finals. The Italians now face Austria in the quarter finals on Thursday.

Austria vs. Germany 1:3 (8:11, 11:9, 8:11, 8:11)
Germany eventually took the lead in the first set and went on to win it. The game was open until it reached 6:6 but Germany then scored point after point and Austria were unable to defend all the set points.
The spectators were in a frenzy and cheered Austria on to victory in the second set with the depth and quality of the squad once again well in evidence. Winfried Kronsteiner brought on Michael Feichtenschlager and the Austrians drew level with 2,300 spectators behind them in Kremsmünster.
Klemens Kronsteiner came back in the third set with the hosts now behind and was soon in the middle of the fight to catch up. Together with Jean Andrioli he was mainly responsible for the Austrians' attack, but it was Steve Schmutzler's day as Germany scored point after point to clinch the third set. The hosts struggled to find their feet again in the fourth set and were unable to keep Schmutzler at bay. And it was Schmutzler who also wrapped up this set 11:8. Austria won Group E despite this defeat and now face Italy in the quarter finals.

What they said:
Benedikt Egelseer: "Steve Schmutzler coped best with the ground conditions and he was too much for us on the day. It's a dream come true for me to play here in Kremsmünster in front of a home crowd. I was almost in tears."

Klemens Kronsteiner: "Germany were cleverer and better. We have to acknowledge that fact. We did actually find our rhythm early on but it wasn't enough, which is a shame for the spectators. It's all about tactics at the moment and none of the favourites want to give too much away."

Winfried Kronsteiner: "We were lacking punch today. It was a warning shot just the right time."

Olaf Neuenfeld, German Trainer: "We played at least one level better than yesterday. Austria were not on their usual form. It was an important victory for us for the rest of the tournament and a boost for the team."

Good news on the ticket front
There are still some tickets left on www.faustball2011.com for the fistball finals at Waldstadion Pasching on Friday and Saturday. You can also purchase these tickets from the box offices in Pasching and Linz. But anyone who wants tickets will have to be quick. Please buy your tickets only through the official channels.

Quarter finals
The tournament continues with the quarter finals (sold out) at the ABC stadium in Linz-Urfahr.
The pairings:
4.15 p.m. Argentina vs. Switzerland
5.30 p.m. Germany vs. Chile
6:45 p.m. Brazil vs. Namibia
8:15 p.m. Austria vs. Italy

Stefan Winterleitner - Austria Bild: Foto LUI