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Austrian attacker in "GIVE ME FIVE" Star Talk

Martin Weiss, former WCH OC member and World Champion in 2007, faced questions in our "Give Me Five" Star Talk. To find out how he is preparing for the WCH, what "GIVE ME FIVE" means to him and a few personal insights from Martin, read on!

About the player:

Name: Martin Weiss
Date of birth: 12.07.1977
Nationality: Austrian
Position: attacker

What are your highlights until the 2011 WCH?

The highlights have been tough and out of the ordinary! I was in the OC team until November 2010 and than back in the Austrian squad from then on. I've lost 15 kilos so far and got back into shape again, besides a lot of technique training. Now it's time for the finishing touches with a view to defending the title.

Who are your favourites for the WCH?

Austria, Brazil and Switzerland.

Who do you think are currently the TOP FIVE fistballers in the world?

Dietmar Weiss, AUT, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - left attacker
Jean Andrioli, AUT, Union Schick Freistadt - left attacker
Dao Schmidt, BRA, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - centre
Christian Leitner, AUT, Union Schick Freistadt - left defender
Marco Lochmahr, GER, TV Vaihingen/Enz - right defender

What does the WCH slogan "GIVE ME FIVE" mean to you?

The slogan brings fistball together with emotions, team spirit and excitement! This is what we want to give the fans in 2011 and beyond!

Some personal insights:

I've been married to Martina since 2009 and we have one son, Lucas, aged 3, and a daughter, Lisa, who is 16 months old. I live in Gallneukirchen in Upper Austria and play for FBC ASKÖ Urfahr in the 1st Remeco Reichl national league. I ended my international team career after winning the first WCH title for Austria in 2007 and am now making a comeback in Team Austria. I hope the weather will be kind to us and that the stadiums will be full for the matches so the world of sport will finally get to know the beautiful and spectacular game of fistball better.

Austrian attacker in "GIVE ME FIVE" Star Talk