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Freshly-crowned Austrian indoor champion in "Give Me Five" Star Talk

27.02.2010, Kremsmünster - Shortly after victory in the final the freshly-crowned indoor champion and Austrian squad player Klemens Kronsteiner joined us for the "Give Me Five" Star Talk. This is his biggest achievement since having shoulder surgery last year. Kronsteiner is also a local hero for the 2011 WCH, with the intermediate round being staged in Kremsmünster.  Find out more about his preparations in the following interview. 

About the player:

Name: Klemens Kronsteiner
Date of birth: 28.07.1982
Nationality: Austrian
Position: attacker

What are YOUR highlights before 2011?

In 2010 I'll be concentrating on building up the necessary physical requirements. And then I aim to bring these strengths into play in 2011. Besides that I will also try to extend my attacking repertoire. There are plenty of attackers from other countries that I can learn from…

Who are your favourites for the WCH?

Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, Germany

Who do YOU think are currently the TOP FIVE fistballers in the world?

Cyrill Schreiber, Switzerland, FB Schwellbrunn - left spiker
Joao Victor Fidelis, Brazil, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - right spiker
Joao "Dao" Schmidt, Brazil, Ginastica Novo Hamburgo - setter
Christian Leitner, Austria, Union Schick Freistadt - left defender
Manuel Sieber, Switzerland, FB Widnau - right defender

What does the WCH slogan "GIVE ME FIVE" mean to you?

Celebrating - high five - savouring the moment together!

Some personal insights:

The World Championship on home soil will hopefully be the biggest sporting event of my career. Just the thought of playing in my own country, in front of home crowds, at our home ground (Kremsmünster) fills me with excitement and pleasure even now. Excitement and pleasure that I would also like to pass on to my team colleagues and the fans. My wish is that the WCH will help us to trigger enthusiasm for fistball in Austria that will not only leave a lasting impression on children and young players but also have an impact on clubs in particular.

Freshly-crowned Austrian indoor champion in