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German hit singer in Fistball WCH fever

Royalty gathers at Platinum club in Linz

06.03.2010, Linz - An audience with His Majesty: Jürgen Drews, the self-proclaimed "King of Majorca", turned the Platinum club in Linz into "El Arenal". The German singer also had another king and a queen for company: Brazil's carnival queen Jucilene Fernandes Ferreira danced to the beat of "Bett im Kornfeld" and fistball king Sigi Simon brought back some fond memories for Drews, who is still in excellent shape. "I played fistball at school - and was quite good at it as well." Drews was given an invitation to the World Championship in Austria in August 2011. "I can't wait for the big match between Germany and Austria," said the popular heart-throb who came to Linz straight from the recording studio but still found time to rock the Platinum for an hour. At the end he signed a fistball that will be among the prizes in one of the next "Give Me Five" draws.

Report and photo: Werner Daxner (+43 664 973 06 43)


Carnival Queen Jucilene Fernandes Ferreira, King of Majorca Jürgen Drews, Fistball King Sigi Simon
Photo copyright: Miguel Daxner

German hit singer in Fistball WCH fever