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German international in "Give Me Five" Star Talk

4.7.2011, Vaihingen - Michael Marx, defender in the German squad, faced questions in our "Give Me Five" Star Talk. Read on to find out how he is preparing himself for the 2011 Fistball WCH and who is on his shortlist of favourites for the title.

About the player:

Name: Michael Marx
Date of birth: 14.7.1984
Nationality: German
Position: defender

What are your highlights until the 2011 WCH?

I'm putting a lot of effort into the preparations for my first World Championship. I train twice a week with my club. Besides that I also go to the Sportschule Scheiber health and fitness centre which has developed individual training plans for every player in the team. I spend the remaining days training with individual ball sessions either alone or with a training partner.

Who are your favourites for the WCH?

I think it will be a very close race for the fistball crown in 2011. Brazil are difficult to judge at the moment because a lot will depend on how they handle the departure of Andrioli. I consider the Austrians to be strongest, with equal world-class attackers, but having said that, we'll be travelling to the World Championship with our sights on gold, of course!

Who do you think are currently the TOP FIVE fistballers in the world?

"Fausto" Cyrill Schreiber, SUI, Union Tigers Vöcklabruck - left spiker
Joao Fidelis, BRA, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - right spiker
Dao Schmidt, BRA, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - centre
Manuel Sieber, SUI, SVD Diepoldsau - left defender
? - right defender

What does the WCH slogan "GIVE ME FIVE" mean to you?

Team spirit and emotions.

Some personal insights:

I currently play for my home team TV Vaihingen/Enz. Before that I played for Spielvereinigung Weil der Stadt for two years from 2003 to 2005.

My biggest successes:

9x German junior champion
3x German men's champion
1x European Cup winner

German international in "Give Me Five" Star Talk