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"Give me Five" Star Talk with Cyrill "Fausto" Schreiber

18.1.2010, Bad Ragaz - Our first interview guest is the newly crowned Europa Cup winner Cyrill "Fausto" Schreiber, who has just become Indoor Europa Cup winner with Schwellbrunn and faced some tricky questions from the OC team. The second weekend in January saw the 26-year-old key Swiss spiker win the final of the Indoor Europa Cup in Bad Ragaz (SUI) against German titleholders TV Vaihingen/Enz, beating them 4:2. This is the biggest success in the history of FB Schwellbrunn, a team that Schreiber joined just under two years ago. 

About the player:

Name: Cyrill Schreiber
Date of birth: 12.12.1983
Nationality: Swiss
Position: left spiker

What are YOUR highlights until 2011?

Swiss Championship with Schwellbrunn and Europa Cup. Championship in Brazil. Indoor Championship with Schwellbrunn. Indoor EC with Schwellbrunn. Indoor Championship with Schwellbrunn.
Specific WCH training.

Who are your favourites for the WCH?

Brazil, Austria, Germany, Switzerland. All four are capable of beating each other. Argentina and Chile will also be worth keeping an eye on.

Who do YOU think are currently the TOP FIVE fistballers in the world?

Jean Andrioli, Brazil, UNION Schick Freistadt - left spiker
Joao Fidelis, Brazil, FG Grieskirchen/Pötting - right spiker
Joao "Dao" Schmidt, Brazil, Ginastica Novo Hamburgo - setter
Harald Pühringer, Austria, FBC ASKÖ Linz Urfahr - left defender
Michael Marx, Germany, TV Vahingen/Enz - right defender

What does the WCH slogan "GIVE ME FIVE" mean to you?

We five fistballers on the court are only strong if we are strong as a team.
We succeed together.

18.1.2010, Bad Ragaz - Ambitious, trains hard, loves fistball
Successes: Swiss Champion, European Champion, Europa Cup Indoor winner
2nd place World Games
Brazilian Champion
South American Champion