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Japan: "It will be a unique experience"

No other country participating in the 2011 Fistball WCH has been as present in the media as Japan due to the tragic circumstances the nation has had to endure in recent months. The small fistball delegation from the Land of the Rising Sun, however, has decided not to miss out on the tournament and is looking forward to a unique experience.

The number of Japanese making the 9,000 km trip to Austria is small. But seven players have managed to get time off work in order to take part in the World Championship. And these seven come from the whole of Japan: from Kyushu in the south and Tokyo to Akita in the north. The geographical distribution together with the high travelling costs in Japan, however, have made it difficult for the Japanese squad to train together. This meant that training sessions have taken place primarily at the players' own clubs, Akita UFB Club and Tokyo Tower Club. Despite all these difficulties and the current situation facing Japan, press officer Yukiko Ishigami and his fellow countrymen are looking forward to their days in Austria: "It will be a unique experience for our players that they will never forget. We will give everything we have and fight to achieve a good result. We are delighted to be a part of this big event and experience everything it has to offer."

Whether, however, the Japanese fistball delegation is capable of causing a few surprises in the same manner as the Japanese ladies' football team with their victory in the Women's World Cup in Germany remains to be seen. Yukiko Ishigami is certain though that the fistballers will demonstrate just as much team spirit, solidarity and enthusiasm. We wish Japan all the best for their opening matches against Italy and Germany and are pleased that they have remained strong and been able to make the journey to the 2011 Fistball WCH despite all the adversities.

Team Japan