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WCH "Oldies" Party in Pasching

The WCH "Oldies" Party will be held as a special side event in Pasching as part of the IFA reception. This event is not only for guests invited by the IFA and the Austrian Fistball Association - people who have already played at a Fistball WCH can also register. 

WCH "Oldies" Party as part of the IFA reception

Friday 12 August 2011, 8 p.m.

Volksheim Langholzfeld, Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse 31, 4060 Pasching

Who can attend?
Anyone who has an invitation from the IFA or the Austrian Fistball Association.
Anyone who has played at a Fistball WCH - tickets available from wm-oldies@faustball2011.com, please state name, nation and the World Championship you played in!

Please register by 5 August 2011

Evening programme:
A cappella vocal group Kreuz und Quer - www.kreuzundquer.at

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