Austria also win against Switzerland

Cheered on by a fantastic crowd in Kremsmünster, Austria recorded a clear 3:0 win against Switzerland in the intermediate round. Earlier, Brazil beat Germany 3:1 in the clash of the co-favourites. Party time in Upper Austria! 

No end to the fistball party in Kremsmünster! First at the match that saw Brazil take on Germany, then with the samba dancers and lastly at the day's top match, Austria versus Switzerland, watched by 2,300 fans!

Brazil wins the duel of the Patricks
Germany began the evening's first top match strongly, but Brazil came back and narrowly won the first set 11:9. An entertaining attacking game followed that was dominated by the two star spikers "Patrick" Herdt Biermann (BRA) and Patrick Thomas (GER), with spectacular action in the second and third sets. In contrast, the fourth set finished with a convincing 11:5 scoreline in favour of Brazil.
Brazil - Germany 3:1 (11:9, 12:14, 11:7, 11:5)

Austria win after a tough battle
In the first set, Switzerland looked to be running away with it. The Austrian players allowed several lapses of concentration to creep in. Switzerland had a series of set points that the home team - now with Dietmar Weiss in place of Jean Andrioli - successfully defended. When the Austrians had their first set point the Swiss slipped up trying a trick on the line and the set went to Austria with the atmosphere in Kremsmünster reaching fever pitch.
The second set was also a no-holds-barred battle of the highest quality until, with the score standing all square at 6:6, Austria took control. The Swiss managed to defend one set ball, but then their resistance was broken: 2:0.
In the third set, Martin Weiss replaced his brother Dietmar with the hosts leading 5:3, and the Swiss were unable to cope with another change of attacker in the Austrian ranks. Switzerland made one last effort, but it ended in the tape and the match finished 3:0. However, it remains to be seen whether that was all the Swiss have to offer, because their star attacker Cyrill "Fausto" Schreiber was rested for this match. He is doubtless being kept in reserve for later in the tournament.

What they said:
Winfried Kronsteiner: "Once again the atmosphere here is simply fantastic. It even beats the marvellous atmosphere in Vienna. The maths doesn't matter to us any more. Our aim is to play fistball with great spirit. And we've achieved it brilliantly. We wanted to give something back to the spectators and I think we succeeded. All our attackers have made a good start to the WCH. Having said that, I have to sound a cautious note with regard to the public's expectations since it'll be a whole new ball game by the time the semi-finals come round."
With these words the coach parted from the fans who disappeared into the "Brazilian night" and will party till the small hours in Kremsmünster today.
Result: Austria - Switzerland 3:0 (12:10, 11:7, 11:6)

Stefan Winterleitner - Austria Picture: Foto LUI